Looking Down

Riley has to make a decision that will determine the course of her entire life. 

Looking Down screened at NFFTY 2016 in the Opening Night screening and received the Audience Award. 



Joe Staehly is a 23 year old director and DP who specializes in visual story telling. He’s been shooting silly videos with friends since he was 10 years old. Then, he made it his career. His work has appeared on MTV and he has worked for a variety of clients and artists including Maybelline, Draft Kings, Notre Dame, and G-Fuel. He loves conveying emotion through video, and working with original creative concepts. He wants every new project to be better than his last, so he continually pushes himself to always create new and interesting stories.

A Brief Interview with Joe:

Why did you decide to make this film?

I decided to make the film for my senior thesis at Drexel University. The concept of small choices creating large impacts through out life has always intrigued me and it was something I wanted to explore by making this film.

What was your favorite part about making it?

My favorite part of making Looking Down was all of the traveling I had to do in order to create Riley's adventure sequence. We went to some really awesome spots throughout Minnesota and Los Angeles that I otherwise never would have experienced.

What are you working on now?

I have a few commercials and music videos in the works right now that I'm really excited to get started on!

Find Joe & Looking Down online: 

Website: www.setinmotion.com