StéLouse - Shivers n Gold (feat. Mascolo)

An electronic musical experience emotionally exploring a lonely statue's path to self-discovery through interpretive dance choreography.

Shivers n Gold screened at NFFTY 2017 in the Centerpiece screening. 


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"As a filmmaker who strives particularly with music as my own medium of go-to "script", Shivers N Gold is built to represent the music first and foremost, but secondly to also express the loneliness and discrimination of others followed by overcoming intimidation and control. The gold statue, our protagonist, struggles against the antagonistic stone statues, serving as an example of who we all are in times of self-doubt, when trusting your inner-self is the only way to prevail."

Kody Kurth is a 20 year old Denver, CO based film director, DP & editor at Profectum Media, LLC. While running a co-owned production company, he also works as a music producer and graphic designer. His main focus in filmmaking revolves around music videos, documentaries, and experimental narratives.

A Brief Interview with Kody:

Why did you decide to make this film?

As an aspiring electronic music producer, I met StéLouse at one of his live shows in Denver, CO, and hit it off with him after realizing we shared a lot in common creative interests. In a studio session together, I heard Shivers N Gold and immediately proposed a music video concept involving dance (one of my favorite mediums to film) combined with the use of the color gold to represent the song visually. After discussing my ideas with the singer, Mascolo, I learned more about the lyrics and message of overcoming loneliness and self-doubt. Using these elements, I hired Andrew Han, our choreographer, to come up with the dance and create something both visually entertaining while also communicating our story emotionally. After collaboratively finalizing the choreography, we decided to make our characters statues that come to life in an abandoned warehouse, to further push our theme of loneliness. Making this music video was important to me because it champions music that I connect to creatively and emotionally, and its a story that I know most people experience at some point or another in their life, especially in a time in our world when being yourself is more important than ever.

What was your favorite part about making it?

My favorite part about creating this music video was having worked so hard with my team throughout the lengthy process of pre-production and numerous choreography meetings (every other week for a few months) and finally seeing our dancers painted and outfitted in stone and gold, performing the dance for the first time on set. Watching our ideas come to life on screen through the director's monitor was an overwhelmingly exciting experience that felt incredibly special.

What are you working on now?

I'm currently working on 4-5 new music videos with an array of artists in numerous genres. I'm also touring with StéLouse (the artist of Shivers N Gold) to capture his experience on the road through documentary filmmaking at music festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, and much more. I also hope to start co-writing an experimental Terrence Mallick inspired narrative with my film colleagues about the struggles of relationships when they cling longer than their true love lasts. As of right now, filmmaking is my full-time career, and making projects that I can be both passionate about and effectively impact people positively around the world is living the dream!

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