Robert Bojorquez

Festival Manager
Experimental Film Programmer

"I've always loved films and filmmakers that seek to innovate the mechanics of visual storytelling and NFFTY filmmakers are often at the forefront of turning convention on its head. Be still your beating eyes, as you feel ALL the feels from these five films!"


Robert's picks: 

Sara Mignogna - 24 | Italy
Experimental Visions

"The lowest common denominator for any film is telling a story, and Scarpa (Shoe) tells a pretty powerful one using our lowest common body parts."

Isabela Dos Santos - 23, Kayla Briët - 19 | Florida
Opening Night

" I hope your jaw likes dropping, because Isabela and Kayla's combination of animation, projections, and subtle movement will melt you where you sit." 

Benjamin T. Wilson - 22 | Pennsylvania
The Last Laugh

"Eat all the fruit you can now, because after seeing this you might start to rethink reaching for that morning apple or banana."

Nick Ramey - 19 | Louisiana
Experimental Visions

"I've seen sing-along and quote-along films, but never an eat-along film before this. I think it's the upcoming hip new date night. The jury's out on if Sorry is pro-eating, though."

Tanin Torabi - 23 | Iran
Art In Motion

"We can agree: Footloose has a ridiculous premise, right? Did you know dance is also outlawed in Iran? This film dared to break those laws, so you should dare to catch it."