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Robert bojorquez

Experimental programmer

"It's always really difficult deciding which experimental films to highlight when every one that makes it into the festival challenges me about how film can be pulled and stretched in different directions, but these are the ones that pulled my ears the hardest and stretched my eyes right out of my head. I couldn't ignore them, and you shouldn't either!"

robert’S PICKS:

Art in Motion
Daryl Paris Bright - 22, Ariel Zucker - 22, Kaytie Nielsen - 23, Anatola Pabst - 20 | New York

"This is the crossover between culture and social justice we've all been waiting for; this spoken word is SO powerful. Catcalls shouldn't happen, but I wish every one that did got this clapped back in return.”

Radical Experiments
Mitchell Griffith - 24 | California
"We're all just Amigos in the restless apartment of life, friends. I loved this short exploration of mental health through pet friendship, and you probably will too!”

Come As You Are
Laine Elliott - 20, Nikki Knight - 20, Kea Lia Pedersen - 20, Philip Abbott Cadoux - 20 | New York

"This is one of the sweetest retellings of falling in love I've ever seen. A "When Harry Met Sally" for a new age.”

Come As You Are
Ella McKeon - 11 | California
“I won't spoil anything, but sometimes we have to claw our skin off to figure out who we really are. Don't ACTUALLY claw your skin off, please.”

Closing Night: Generation NOW
Isue Shin - 23, Derek Miranda - 24, Nate Burke - 24 | California

"Too much help can be harmful, and this short spells it out in no uncertain terms. My jaw was on the floor at how simple it turns out taking down the patriarchy can be.”