Theresa Ambat

programming intern

"What a journey it has been getting to screen so many amazing films--to choose just a few was nearly impossible. I've had such a valuable learning experience programming for NFFTY and hearing about new stories and perspectives. My heart has grown in appreciation for filmmaking and the arts because of these films, and I hope that after watching these that you might feel the same too."

theresa’S PICKS:


A Screening Darkly
Karl Jungquist - 22, Mitch Martino - 22, Perry Balmer - 22, Neema Sadeghi - 22, Marie Marchant - 22 | California

"A beautiful film in all aspects. With mesmerizing visuals, an engaging storyline, and carefully-crafted characters, Wildfall asks a deeper question behind humanity’s relationship and sentiments with the environment.” 

After Hours Absurdity
Alan Moutal - 21, Christian Hyatt - 21, Eli Bessudo - 21, Enrique De la Garza - 22 | California
"I’m not quite sure what to say about this one except that I laughed, I was confused, and that I absolutely loved it. Takes very relatable, first-world problems to a level that you couldn’t even imagine."

Level Up!
Caroline Friend - 23 | California
"Storytelling at its finest. Under Darkness takes place in Poland during WWII and tells of the importance of documentation through photography. The symbolism of the dark room was incredibly well implemented and I was left with a new perspective on photo making."

Art in Motion
Joji Baratelli - 18 | California
"I absolutely love that this was shot on 16mm film. Gen Z! looks into the stories of three artists and how their identities inform their work."

Bring the Kids
Mulan Fu - 21, Kea Lia Pedersen - 21, Liyanbing He -21 | New York
"A very cute and touching animation about growing up and the heartwarming bond shared between a pet and its owner. You’ll definitely tear up watching this.”