What is NFFTY?

NFFTY is a young filmmaker’s Cannes.
— Danielle Payne, NFFTY Alumni

NFFTY (pronounced “Nifty”) stands for “National Film Festival for Talented Youth” and is the world’s largest film festival for emerging directors.

But it’s not just for youth. NFFTY occurs each spring in Seattle, Washington and is the premier showcase of the best young directors 24 and younger from around the world. The films of NFFTY represent the voice of this generation, covering all topics and genres, from compelling and provocative, to hilarious and uplifting. NFFTY has the perfect film for a film fan of any age.

NFFTY is a program of The Talented Youth, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The 13th Annual NFFTY will be held in Seattle October 24-27.

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